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“Thank you Mary for a fascinating 3 week trip to Kerala, and for taking us way beyond the typical tourist experience. From staying on the tea plantation to meeting Brahmin families, everything was unforgettable. I’ve come home with not only wonderful memories of this beautiful part of India, but also unique insights into Keralan culture. I really appreciated your planning, flexibility and cultural awareness in creating this rich itinerary.”

“We enjoyed many fabulous experiences on our tour of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in February 2018. Mary facilitated some extraordinary and very comfortable hotels and homestays, well off the usual tourist trails, where our hosts went out of their way to ensure our comfort. From local drivers to festival-goers, we were humbled by the kindness and hospitality we encountered everywhere we went. Thank you for a truly memorable holiday.”

“With unique off the beaten track experiences, local homestays and fantastic food, my trip to Southern India with Mary was the experience of a lifetime – especially because her flexible approach to the itinerary meant we could factor in some unexpected festivals and events. Immersed in the fascinating culture of this beautiful country and surrounded by kindly people wherever we went, Pure Kerala Tours comes highly recommended.”

“Lush green landscapes, an abundance of fresh fruit and a haven for bird watchers…Kerala really is God’s own country. Mary’s intimate knowledge of this beautiful part of the world – including her ability to converse in the local language – was a huge advantage, and her choice of accommodation provided the perfect opportunity to meet locals in a relaxed environment. An eye-opening and culturally enriching trip!”

“After 2 months away I have many travellers’ tales to share and a large part of that is our Kerala trip. Looking forward to sharing some memories, highlights and fun.”

“Excellent. Lots of information, including map, photos and personal experience.”

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and memorable Kerala and Tamil Nadu tour, which provided me with the perfect point of difference to my North India trip last year. The lush backwaters and rolling tea plantations lulled me into another place and time, contrasting with the hill forts, palaces and stepwells in the north and highlighting the diversity of Indian culture. It was the perfect balance between a restful holiday and an authentic cultural immersion experience.”

“This was a very special holiday and I felt that I genuinely connected with the land and people of southern India. Mary was not only an excellent guide, but the fact that she could speak the local languages added an extra knowledge, depth and dimension to every experience.”

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“I was lucky enough to be able to accompany Mary on a trip to Kerala for a family wedding and tour. The combination of being with a local family and seeing some truly magical places made for an unforgettable holiday. Highlights? Too many to list, but Mary’s care and organisation ensured I had a wonderfully relaxed and carefree holiday. Go if you possibly can – you’ll be in for a treat.”

“Mary provided a very personal and attentive tour round Kerala. Her own family knowledge of the area gave us unique opportunities to stay in good hotels and homestays, and experience a variety of different local trades. I returned with some beautiful wraps and silk scarves, and of course wonderful memories which I will treasure for many years.”

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