Bright, bold, beautiful – the many colours of India

India is known as one of the world’s most diverse destinations, and for good reason. Travelling through India will expose you to vastly different landscapes, religions, customs, people and cuisine. However, there is one element of Indian life that runs the length of the country – and that’s colour.

India is a land whose story is best told through colour. From pink cities to orange spices and everything in-between, India is a kaleidoscope of colour, and one that has to be seen to be truly experienced. Here are a few examples of India’s famously vivid colours, many of which you’ll see on your holiday with Pure Kerala Tours.

Lush green plains

From rolling hills and boundless views to tea fields and spice plantations, Kerala in Southern India is awash with hues of lush and glorious green. The fertile land in this serenely beautiful state is fed by numerous rivers and a glistening network of backwaters, which you will explore by boat whichever Pure Kerala Tours holiday you choose!

Pink and blue cities

Up north in the desert state of Rajasthan are two fascinating cities made famous by colour. Historical Jaipur is known as the ‘pink’ city, while the houses surrounding the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur are painted a vivid blue. The city symbolises an oasis in the Thar Desert.

Multi-coloured temples

The vibrant, eye-opening temples in Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, are a must see when in India. The unique Dravidian style of architecture and elaborate multi-coloured carvings depicting ancient myths and legends make these centuries-old temples quite a sight to behold.

Colourful spice markets

From yellow turmeric to sacks of bright red chilli peppers, India’s spice markets are a true feast for the senses. Breathe in the wonderful aromas, marvel at the dramatic colours, and almost taste the tongue tingling spices infused in the humid air.

Bright fabrics

Saris, rugs, fabrics, bangles, accessories…whether they’re wearing them or using them to decorate their homes, India’s locals have an eye for colourful fabrics. You’ll find brightly coloured cloth with distinctive patterns in the markets in Rajasthan, where a traditional style of tie dye called Leheriya is practiced to this day.

Beautiful flowers

Garlands of flowers and oil lamps float down the Ganges and other holy rivers in vibrant displays of religious devotion, and deep orange marigold flowers bejewel almost every celebration across the country. The Valley of Flowers National Park in the West Himalaya is famous for its meadows of alpine flowers and rich diversity of colourful flora.

Truck art

Trucks in India aren’t just a convenient way of transporting goods from A to B. Painted in bright colours and adorned with bold accessories, trucks are also moving works of art! Truck drivers in India spend long months on the road delivering goods to remote parts of the country inaccessible by rail, so they decorate their vehicles with ornaments that remind them of home.

Holi festival

An explosion of colour that has captivated the world, Holi brings people together across the country to sing, dance and douse each other in water and coloured powder. This lively festival marks the beginning of spring and has been adopted by cities across England, Spain, France, Germany, Australia and the US.

Stunning sunsets

Last but not least, the sunsets in India are simply spectacular. Whether you watch the last lingering rays of sunlight melt into a river, sink into the sea or disappear behind a mountain, no two sunsets are ever the same.